Notification №1: "Notifying the Presentee of a new gift."

Example of the data structure in JSON that may be sent to the WebHook URL of the developer

Notification body

    "create_time": "2000-01-01 00:00:00 UTC",
    "event_type": "gift_request_link_created",
    "resource_type": "notification",
    "resource": {
      "for": "uniq_recipient_id",
      "title": "some name here has made a gift for you!",
      "message": "Hello !\\nsome name here has made a gift for you!\\nPlease confirm your contact details and the consent to receive the gift:\\nMake and receive real gifts with YouGiver!",
      "giver_name": "giver name",
      "recipient_name": "recipient name",
      "gift_request": "123456789",
      "links": {
        "store": ""

Parameters description

There are all possible parameters described in the following table that might be included in notifications.

Parameter Description
create_time The date and time the event was created
event_type Event Key
resource_type Event Type
resource[for] Who is the event intended for * Giver or Presentee ID
resource[title] The header generated by the service for this event
resource[message] The complete message generated by the service for this event
resource[giver_name] Giver's Name
resource[recipient_name] Recipient's Name
resource[gift_request] Gift Request ID
resource[links][store] Link to the directory to be sent to the Giver
resource[links][order] Link to the order to be sent to the addressee


Notification #1 may be sent under the following events:

  1. gift_ request _link _created (as shown in the example)
  2. order_paid