3 Oprion Description

The gift giving process under the 3 Option provides for:

  1. users that will act as a Giver and a Presentee are yours app users;
  2. the availability of the following information at the moment of the initialization of 3 Option on the side of the your app:
    • the country of residence of user who act as a Presentee;
    • the city of residence of user who act as a Presentee.
  3. the data transfer from p.2 to YouGiver when you initialize the Option 3.

3 Option initialization

  1. Send POST request to https://service.yougiver.me/api/v1/gift_requests with possible parameters:
Paremeter Description
gift_request[developer_number] * Your developer_number in YouGiver service
gift_request[giver_id] * The Giver ID in your service
gift_request[giver_name] Name of the Giver
gift_request[giver_email] Email of the Giver
gift_request[giver_phone] Giver's phone number
gift_request[giver_nickname] Nickname of the Giver
gift_request[giver_gender] Gender of the Giver
gift_request[recipient_id] * The Presentee ID in your service
gift_request[recipient_name] Presentee's name
gift_request[recipient_email] Presentee's email
gift_request[recipient_country] * Country of the Presentee
gift_request[recipient_city] * City of the Presentee
gift_request[recipient_address] Presentee's address
gift_request[recipient_gender] Gender of the Presentee
gift_request[recipient_nickname] Presentee's Nickname

* required parameter.

  1. The answer format will be in JSON:
Paremeter Description
url Link the Giver must follow

Paremeter Description

All parameters are simple strings

  • gift_request[recipient_country] — The country must be serviced by YouGiver.
  • gift_request[recipient_city] — The city must be serviced by YouGiver.

For a list of the countries and cities YouGiver supports, see the "Locations API" section.

Supported event notifications in 3 Option

  1. Event: Payment for the gift by the Giver → Notification #1: "Presentee’s notification of a new gift."
  2. Event: Filling out contact information by the Presentee → Notification #2: "The Giver's notification of the gift confirmation. Filling out the contact information by the Presentee."
  3. Event: Change of order status to "Completed" → Notification #3: "Notifying the Giver that the gift was delivered to the Presentee."
  4. Event: Change of order status to "Not completed" → Notification #4: "Notifying the Giver that the gift was not delivered because of the Presentee."
  5. Event: Expiration of X hours allocated for gift confirmation. (At the moment X = 48 hours) → Notification #5: "Notifying the Giver that the Presentee did not confirm (ignored) accepting of the gift."
  6. Event: Payment by the gift Giver. In case the Presentee has never previously confirmed the receipt of the gift. → Notification #7: "Notifying the Presentee. "Why did I get this link."


  1. In the your personal account, create/set up WebHooks with the necessary event notifications for the interaction option you are planning on integrating into your app.

  2. Implement the initialization of the chosen Option (using the developer_number) in your app according to the documentation concerning YouGiver variants (see below).

  3. Test the correct work and connected notifications.

  4. Launch integration in the production mode.